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Once you have arrived in the city of Cusco with days in advance, for some of the treks to machu picchu we recommend to visit the following:

It is a tour where you will visit Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chincheros, Moray, Salineras the tour starts at 7:00 am, and culminates at 19:00 pm. It is good to know that to make this tours of the traditional attractions  you have to  buy the Boleto Turistico.

It is a viewer that is done outside the city of Cusco, where you can enjoy colossal constructions such as: Sacsayhuaman, Quenqo, Pucapucara, Tambomachay, this tour starts at 13:00 pm and ends at 18:00 pm.

This attraction is located two hours by bus from Cusco, and three hours on foot, the landscape is quite impressive due to geological faults and traces of wind erosion, this attraction has been very recently driven.

Machu Picchu: The wonder of the world is to 112 km, to reach the attraction we must take a bus to Ollantaytambo and then the train to Aguas Calientes. Since last year teh vsiist of Machupicchu is  splited in 2 schedules  , the first one  is at 6:00 am to 12:00 pm. And the second from 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm. Those ticekts are valid only for one use


Puno: In this department you will find the famous floating islands of the Uros, Takile and Amantani that are in the highest lake in the world Titicaca. To puno the distance in hours of trip are of 7 hours in bus of Cusco, we have schedules of exit in buses at 22:00 pm, or in the morning at 8:30 am. There are no air flights to Puno there is only up to Juliaca which is a city that is located one hour from Puno by bus.

Arequipa: Here is the deepest Canyon of the world Cotahuasi, and the natural habitat of the condors. To get from Cusco we must travel 11 hours by bus, most of the companies depart in the evening at 8:30 pm. If you want to go in air flight there are not many direct flights, most are with stopover in Lima.

La Paz: To arrive to the capital of Bolivia are 13 hours by bus, leaving Cusco at 22:00 pm, before there are no schedules available, for the reason of border crossing. If you want there are also two flights of flights from Cusco to La Paz, which takes about 1h 45 min.

Lima: It is the capital of Peru, it is located in the coast of the Pacific Ocean, all the international flights arrive to this city and from there it must take the following to the other cities.

Flights from Lima to Cusco are very frequent; But keep in mind that from Cusco there are no night flights outside of 19:00 pm.

The official currency of Peru is the Peruvian Sol, we have tickets with denominations of: 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10. And in coins from: 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 sun, 2 soles, and 5 soles.

In Cusco the prices of the tours and services are expressed mainly in American dollars. Note that Cusco is not the capital of Peru, so that the exchange rate is the same as its mobile application, the exchange rate is always much lower as we move away from the capital.

Be very careful in taxis when receiving the changes as some bad guys circulate fake coins and coins.

If you are going to withdraw money from ATMs, do it without anyone seeing your password, normally your card will give you a withdrawal amount of no more than 300 dollars a day.

In Cusco we only have two seasons, drought (April – October) and rains (novimbre – March).

But with climate change the variability of the climate has varied too much, nothing is certain with the climate in the Andes, it can be sunny and from moment to time it could happen showers, so you must walk in a waterproof jacket.

During the day temperatures reach 21 C °, and at night it is 8 C °. In winter the lowest temperature is – 5 C °.

All pharmacies, pharmacies, banks and businesses in Cusco open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. On Sundays and holidays there is no attention.

In the cusco is celebrated throughout the year, many religious festivals, so it is common to see artists, dancers and processions in the streets with many crowds. The most famous are: Carnival, Easter, Feast of Crosses, Corpus Crhisti, Inti Raymi.

The traditional Cusco food is based on the Andean ingredients, such as corn, potatoes, wheat, olluco, pumpkins, rocoto, and fragrant spices. In most of the restaurants menus are offered, with soups, main course and classic drink like the purple corn.

There are all kinds of foods, from 5 dollars to 80 dollars, what you should not do is eat in the streets, or markets, because they are not hygienic, otherwise you could get some stomach infection.

If you are a person who likes fruits, cusco sells all varieties of apples, grapes, peaches, pears, watermelons, melons, papayas, cherimoya, lucumas, cranberries, etc.

In Cusco taxis charge you depending on the distance, for example a transfer from the airport to the city center is an average of 30 soles or 10 usd. From the land terminal to the city center costs 20 soles or 8 usd. If it is going to move by the urban sector the cost is 6 soles.

Note that the city of Cusco is not flat, if you choose your hotel in the neighborhood of San Blas, San Cristobal, and nearby this for sure that the cost is higher because there is much restriction in urban transportation to these neighborhoods, The streets of Cusco are very narrow.

The nightly rate is a bit more expensive at the normal rate.

In Cusco there is broadband internet and fiber optics, in hotels and some rest bars there is free wi fi, but if you want higher speed, we recommend buying a chip.

Outside of cities and big cities there is no internet.

The attentions are 24 hours a day, if you need any consultation or emergency, you only have to call any of the numbers that are in the receptions of the hotels. And they will be immediately looking for you. So we recommend that you always take out travel insurance.