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Inca Trail & Treks Tour Operator


Eco Path Trek has within  its staff, the best chef. Those who were selected after a rigorous review of knowledge and skills in the culinary arts.

We are true ambassadors of Peru GASTRONOMY, since the Inca trail you can taste the best dishes of Peru . Exquisite entries, main dishes, desserts.

Our chef will prepare everything on the inca trail, with the best pre-selected ingredients. All food passes quality control, with health safety standards.

If you have any food restriction or diet, Eco Path Trek can you provide, with  no extra cost.

The inca trail meals are the best, without doubt!!!

The typical foods of Peru you will eat are:


  • Guacamole with garlic bread
  • Solterito
  • Tortilla of mais
  • Broccoli cake
  • Cauliflower cake


  • Quinoa soup
  • Chuño soup
  • Chaquepa soup
  • Soup of corn

Main dishes

  • Lomo Saltado
  • Chaufa
  • Cause of Pope
  • Kumquat with tamarind sauce
  • Huancaina’s style potato
  • Roco filling
  • Moraya with white sauce
  • Lisas Uchu
  • Skewered chicken and vegetables
  • tallarin skipped
  • Mushroom and vegetable pizza
  • Chicken huacatay
  • Chicken curry
  • Arroz a la jardiniere
  • Turkish rice


  • Flamed banana with rum
  • Caramelised pear
  • Sweet pineapple with liquor
  • Inca Trail cake