The Inca Bridge of Queswachaka is one of the most important legacies for humanity, which was declared as a World Heritage Site. Since it is the last and only Inca bridge that has survived the Spanish invasion to South America. This bridge is maintained and maintained every year by the six communities of the province of Canas. It is entirely made of straw fibers from the mountains of the Peruvian Andes. The bridge was built by the Incas to improve communication between the different kings, it was also used for a means of transport through which large caravans of merchants were moving or in cases of emergency the royal army of the Incas. This tour also visits the impressive construction of the Wiraqocha temple (it is the  god creator of the universe, for  the Inca-Andean cosmovison) .This temple is located in the town of San Pedro de Raqchi, which is also very famous for its potters who produce the best crafts in clay, such as ceremonial dishes, vessels with symbolic details, since the Inca era.


Tour to the last inca bridge + temple of Wiraqocha Trip Overview

Difficulty of the hike: Easy

Elevation max: 3700m

Group: 2-8

Price from $185 per person

MAR 2021-DEC 2021


Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy a car ride to the last and only Inca bridge still in use on the Apurimac river.
  • Visit the ancient temple of the most powerful god that the Andean civilizations “WIRAQOCHA” had in the town of Raqchi.
  • Contemplate the beautiful fields of potato, corn, quinoa, kiwicha, the whole route is surrounded by farmer villages.
  • Get to know the pottery traditions of the people of Raqchi, who have been making beautiful objects since Inca times.


It is an activity that takes place in a car so it is not very difficult. You will only do short walks when you reach the tourist attractions. The highest height that is reached during the tour is 3,700 meters so it is good to have acclimatized days before in the city of Cusco. The weather is very changing there are days when it is very sunny (max temperature 18 C °) and others very cold in the morning (-5 C °). Solar radiation is very extreme in the Andes of Cusco, so we recommend bringing a good sunscreen.


Day 1


Difficulty level: Easy
Altitude: 3700 m
Hiked distance: 1 km
Approximate walking time: 4 h

The tour begins with the pick up from your hotel in the city of Cusco at 4:30 am. Then we go along the route of the southern valley or route to the highlands of Puno, we will pass the typical towns of Oropesa capital of the best bread in Peru, Saylla, Lucre, Urcos, during the journey you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise of the Andes of Cusco, and the fields of corn, potatoes, quinoa, surrounded by trees and the majestic Vilcanota river that were very sacred to the Incas. After 2 hours we will arrive at the first place where we will stop, the Combapata district, where you can have a typical Andean breakfast. We continue the tour in the direction of the districts of Kunturkanqui, Quehue and finally we will arrive at the impressive Inca bridge of Queswachaka, and contemplate the beautiful landscape of the Apurimac river canyon, we will have the opportunity to pass through its structure in straw but very strong. After the photos and videos, we return to the town of Raqchi where the temple of the god Wiraqocha is located, in the archaeological complex it is still possible to see this temple and its water sources, grain deposits and all kinds of products. After the tour with our route guide, we will have a nutritious lunch prepared by the ladies of Raqchi, if you wish you can also visit a demonstration workshop of pottery and buy some of their beautiful crafts; In the afternoon we must return to Cusco, arriving at your hotel at 5:00 pm approx.


  • Private transport
  • Spanish / English route guide
  • 01 breakfast, 01 lunch, 01 snack
  • Entrance tickets to the Inca bridge of Queswachaka and the Wiraqocha Temple


  • Extra drinks (bottle of water, soda, others)
  • Tips for the travel staff


  • Down jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Good sun block
  • Comfortable pants and shoes
  • Small backpack
  • Photographic camera
  • Bottle of water and snacks like dried fruits or chocolate bars
  • Extra money in soles (300 soles approx)